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Delicious Snacks In Less Than 5 Minutes!

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The Chefmate Sandwich Maker is one small appliance our family will never be without, and does much more than cook delicious hot sandwiches. We have three boys and keeping up with their stomachs had been a chore until the Chefmate Sandwich Maker was unboxed.

Plug the Chefmate Sandwich Maker in, close the lid. The first thing you notice will be two lights on the lid. Red to indicate that unit is heating. Green will brighten (and red will dim) when the Chefmate Sandwich Maker is ready to go. The four, non-stick, triangular wells are plenty deep to accomodate your snack ingredients which make two sandwiches or four deserts. Depending on what is going to be cooked, depends on wether or not we use a non-stick cooking spray or butter/margarine. However, the included directions claim neither is needed.

Grilled Cheese sandwhiches would be the number one food item cooked in our Chefmate Sandwich Maker. Butter the sides of bread that will touch the non-stick surface. Lay one on the bottom, add your favorite cheese. My boys, when little, loved when I would cut hotdogs and add them to the sandwich. Add the top piece of bread, close the lid by squeezing the handles together (inside the sandwich edges are being sealed) and closing the latch which locks the lids together. Three minutes later you'll notice the green light on the lid is bright and it's time to remove your snack. Simple. Fast. Delicious!

The Chefmate Sandwich Maker is not just for sandwhich items. Like fried eggs? If you have 3 minutes you can have four of them. Prefer omlets? Whip up your favorite omlet recipe and pour into the buttered wells of the Chefmate Sandwich Maker. Close the lid and wait....you guessed it, 3 minutes! Fast, scrumptious completely cooked omlets. Have a sweet tooth? Those cinnamon rolls you bake in your oven and drizzle frosting over? Yep, you can put one in each well of the Chefmate Sandwich Maker. Mix up some cake batter and pour into the wells - nearly instant cupcakes. Rather have pie? Butter two slices of bread and lay the buttered sides against the non-stick surface. Fill with your favorite pie filling and spices. Ta-da!! Truly, you are only limited by your imagination, ingredients on hand and your tastebuds. A super appliance that will always have a home on my countertop.