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Delicious , Unhealthy And Great Service

Reviewing: Mc Kee Foods Corporation Little Debbie  |  Rating:
By peterson on
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Okay! If you are in a bad mood and want to continue to be in one, read this. If you want to read good things about people, read this. The good the bad and the sad begin now . . .

McKee has GREAT customer service!! My husband bought a box of Frosted Fudge Cakes and was sssooo disappointed to see that there was a cake missing. (They come in boxes of 8, ther were only 7, how sad.) I immediately called their customer service line and spoke to a real personable person within 2 1/2 minutes!!!

She was very pleasant, and explained it was a mechanical error. She asked for all the codes on the box and said that she would notify the correct plant manager immediately and apologized for our inconvienence. She also stated that she would send out a check to replace the cost of our purchase and asked what the price was. She stated we would receive the check within 7 to ten days.

Well, Lo and Behold, the check for that amount was here in 5 days!! Oh how I love things to come early!! I truly loved the surprise of having a promise come true 2 days earlier than expected!

The other good news is that the products from Little Debbie are always fresh, tasty and delightful.

The bad news is that the products are empty calories. There is basically no nutrional value to anything I have purchased that Little Debbie produces. The list of ingredients and nutritional values are very disappointing. Processed foods and the only redeeming qualities are: only trace amounts of trans fat and you get 6% of your Iron from each cake. (The way I eat them, I can get about 50% of my daily required Iron in one day.)

The sad news is, I am overwight and I love these little treats. I rarely eat them, as I eat too many when I do. As with all chocolates today (exception being Hersheys Sugar Free Dark Chocolates [I have reviewed these]) there is a bit of a waxy and or chemical/plastic taste.

The paperboard box is waxed and can not be recycled in my city. The cellophane wrappers are on each individual cake instead of just inside the box. That means they are using too much packaging for my taste. (Excuse the pun.)

In conclusion, I love them, but I know they are not a help to the environment of my body neither the ecosystem.