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Dell Dimension 4600 A Desktop That Does It All

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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The Dell Dimension 4600 is really the do it all for you desktop for students, gamers, artists or just general internet users. It has Intel Pentium 4 processor (2.80GHZ) and 512 RAM installed. I can cruise through several websites at once, with photoshop CS3 open while chatting and listening to music. It runs Windows XP like a breeze. I actually could use more RAM but the great thing is getting it is rather inexpensive and easy to install. I can play online games and downloaded games with no lag and watching movies I have no problem. It is great for downloading and burning dvds and cds. The small problems I have had have all ended up being program error problems (one program not working with another) or the usual spyware and adware. I would recommend this desktop to anone no matter their use for it because it can handle anything you throw at it.

Update On Apr 19, 2010: So I've owned this desktop for almost 6 years I've loaded it up with programs, movies, games, dumped it, gotten viruses, had power surges and moved. After all that I'm just now having some problems I believe the CMOS battery is going out (the date and time holder), maybe the video card but I'm not sure yet and one of the monitor jacks went out on the back (I have 2 so it's ok for now.) Not bad for a 6 year old computer that has never had anything replaced and those parts aren't too expensive. I have heard about others who bought this desktop saying their Power supplies whent out 6 months to a year after they got it, the motherboard crashed and just tons of problems. Maybe I'm a lucky one but I've never had any problems with mine and these now are very minor. Nothing to stop my using it and nothing bad enough to fix right away.