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Dell Inspiron 9400

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By d-vito on
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In April 2007 I buyed a new laptop, and here's my first review!

First of all I want to say that I had problems with the delivery. After 4 weeks, a new laptop was finally delivered. This was the fault of UPS (delivery service), but Dell responded very slow on the mails that I wrote.

The laptop is delivered with an adapter, and a lot of cd-roms. There is a cd-rom with drivers, a DVD with the OS and also Microsoft Works is included in the price.

You can configure your Dell laptop at their site, so you don't pay for features that you will never use.

Here are mine specifications:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 @ 2.0Ghz

RAM: 2 GB @ 667 Mhz

Harddisk: 100 GB @ 7200 rpm

Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 7900 GS

Screen: 17" @ 1920 x 1200

When you take the laptop out of the box, you will be impressed by it's weight. It's a heavy machine!

The laptop is equipped with an internal DVD-rom burner. 6 x USB 2.0 (2 at the left side), an audio output and a microphone input. You have 1xDVI output and 1xVGA that you can use to connect your laptop to an external screen. Finally you have also access to a netwerk with the 10/100 MBit and the wireless module.

The laptop has a CPU that's 64-bit compatible, but at the moment of writing there are still no drivers available for all the components. The system is installed with an 32-bit version of Windows Vista.

When you start the laptop for the first time, Vista starts and everything is already installed. For the beginner is this very good, but the more advanced users will format the hard drive and perform a clean install of Vista. I installed Windows Vista with the DVD (included in the package). And yes, after this clean install, the laptop worked faster.

The overall perfomance of the laptop is very good, but after I few weeks Windows Vista, I decided to work again with Windows XP. I really don't need the visual effects of Vista. So if you want a really fast running laptop, I recommend to use Windows XP.

If you want to play games, this laptop is also very good! I play my games on the highest resolution, and I have no problems. When you play games or perform CPU intensive tasks, you will hear the fans of the laptop, but personnaly I find those quiet. (If I compare with my desktop PC).

The screen is very sharp and is good readable. (Some people find the characters too small, but I have no problems with the small fonts)

If you work with an external display like me, than you can configure the screens seperately. You can duplicate the view, but you can also have to seperate views, or you can only show windows on 1 screen.

(Also the 2 screens can have a different resolution)

At least (because I see I have already 3000 characters), I want to tell something about the battery.

It's easy, you can work 2 hours with the laptop. Of course you can expand these time (by decreasing for example the background light). I'm using these laptop as a desktop replacement, so this is no problem for me.

So my conclusion, the Dell Inspiron is a very good desktop replacement. If you travel a lot, then you'll

better choose another type with a longer battery duration and not so heavy.

So, this was my first review. If I should tell more or if there are any questions, you can always ask me. (I don't know if sharedreviews supports this).

In the future I'll post more reviews (most of them computer, hifi related).