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Dell Latitude D600 Laptop

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I just got my laptop a few days ago and honestly havent gotten to do much with it but look I'm back! Looking for a laptop I've had several things I've wanted and with an affordable price. Obviously I couldnt afford new, I wanted a big screen, good memory, oprical drive, wifi, heavy and nice sized keyboard. The Dell Latitude D600 has a 14" screen, 40 GB hard drive, DVD/CD optical drive, very good working wifi, weighs 5.3 pounds, Windows XP which I'm comfortable with already and a basically full sized keyboard. Exactly what I wanted! I got it for 80 dollars on Craigslist beccause it needs a replacement battery but it works perfectly. Its fast with internet loading, using more than 1 tab doesnt slow it down at all and I'll be able to tell you more when I get a chance to download music and movies again lol For being my first ever laptop I fully love and enjoy it. I'm a big supporter of Dell and have been for about 6 years now seeing as I have a desktop made by them also which has very well surved its purpose. The laptop I believe was new in 2004 so yes it is 6 years old but It really pulls its weight so to speak. I would recommend this laptop to everyone if they were in the market for used.

Update On Jul 14, 2010: Well it's been a few months now since I got my laptop and since then I've had some problems. My wireless goes out quite a bit (device manager switches the wirless card from Dell wireless 1350 to Tru mobile 1300), Device manager doesn't always see my broadcom gigabit integrated controller card, the wirless card gives me a "device cannot start (code 10), the jack in the back of the laptop is loose (nothing wrong with the adapter it's the actual jack) and I may have to replace the motherboard. I can't blame Dell outright seeing as how it is used and I got no resource cds with it so doing a memory wipe is not possible and I have no windows xp disc to re load windows anyway. Hopefully Friday my boyfriend and I will see what we can do with it. If we figure anything out I'll post as soon as possible....when my card decides to work.