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Dell Latitude D620 Core Duo

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The Dell Latitude D620 is one of the newest laptops in the Latitude line. A nice medium level computer, it is neither too powerful nor too weak. It offers a good combination of features, size, and durability. The body of the D620 is a stylish black and gray design, with a thick plastic casing. The laptop is light and very durable, withstanding more than one drop without incident. The hinges are wide and held in place by one screw. This makes it easy for the screen to become loose.

The screen is non-glossy, offering a glare-free view of your desktop. It is visible in nearly every lighting condition, and comes with a built-in sensor to adjust your screen brightness based on the external light level. This can be manually changed.

The keyboard is solid and has a good fell when typing. The shift keys are placed perfectly, making it very easy to type without hitting the wrong keys. The letters on the keys are very good. They show no sign of wearing off, even after 2 years of heavy typing.

There are 4 USB ports, giving the opportunity to hook-up several devices at once. There is also a PC card slot, allowing a TV tuner or other card to be inserted. The DVD drive is easily removable, adding another slot for a second battery.

The track pad is large, with a set of buttons both above and below it. It is very responsive, and does not skip or jump. It is sensitive to the lightest touch, and makes it simple to double-click on an item.

The Duo Core CPU is very fast. It can handle many jobs, including high-quality graphics, DVD playing, flash websites, and graphics programs.

The battery is average. It seems to only last six months with regular use before dying. However, when new, the battery lasts approx. 8 hours.

The fan is quiet most of the time, though it can occasionally kick on and make a noticeable blowing sound. The machine can become quite warm on the bottom, making it uncomfortable for bare skin.

The Dell Latitude D620 is a solid laptop. It is light yet strong, and has a good keyboard and screen. The features are numerous and of high quality. This machine is very good for anyone needing a laptop, whether for work, travel, or pleasure.