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Delta 5 Spray Vintage Shower Head For A Great Massage

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We recently had some lime buildup in the diverter valve leading up to the shower so after getting a plumber in to fix it we decided to get a new shower head. Our old one just didn't cut it anymore and it was stuck in one setting. No matter how hard we tried we could not rotate the movable part of the head to change the setting mode and it just didn't give us the water pressure we wanted.

Good thing Lowes is just up the street, as we seem to be shopping there a lot lately. The shower head choices were endless, and as we stood and gaped at all the models we were more than a little confused. We decided to make our choice from products by manufacturers we had experience with who are leaders in the bathroom/kitchen fixture industry, then selecting type of finish, and of course, price!

Our choice was the Delta 5-Spray Vintage Shower Head in a satin nickel finish. The regular price was $39.98 and Lowes had it on sale for $31.95. Installation involved removing the old shower head from the shower arm with pliers and then hand tightening the new head on. This took my husband less than five minutes.

Our new Delta 5-Spray Vintage Shower Head includes 5 spray settings:

Drenching Full Spray - very nice and does a great all around job with a massaging yet firm spray.

Standard Full Spray - this adds the pulse feature to the drenching full spray and it feels great on my scalp.

Massage Spray - way too hard for me, it's a pulse feature only.

Full Spray with Massage - this is the pulse spray along with the standard spray.

Trickle - this is mainly used to put the shower head in a pause mode.

My husband and I both go back and forth between the first two sprays and find these do a great job of getting all the soap and residue rinsed off so we are not in the shower as long as we used to be. The flow rate for our new shower head is 2.5 gallons of water per minute at 80 psi. Water pressure in our neighborhood has not always been the greatest but installing this Delta shower head has made a world of difference.

The main selling point for us on this shower head was the spray dial which easily turns with a small control handle instead of trying to rotate the entire head with soapy hands. The nozzles are anti-clog to remove mineral deposits and I love the satin nickel finish as now the shower head matches new sink faucets we recently installed. The shower head measures 4" across and there is a lifetime faucet and finish warranty included.

We both love this new Delta 5-Spray Vintage Shower Head and recommend Delta and their entire line of bathroom fixtures.