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Delta Force Action And More Action.

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By dawn69 on
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The Delta Force movie was released in 1985 as an action war movie. This movie paired Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin. These two men work very well together and brought the story to life.

In this movie political extremest will high jack a plane full of innocent Americans. You will witness how terrible terrorism can be. You will watch as these extremest try to black mail America into doing what the terrorist want them too. The hostages will have to endure hardships but it will make them stronger.

During this hard hitting fast action movie you will see men put their lives on the line to save Americans because it is the right thing to do. Some will even give their very life for this cause. As always it is good vs. evil and good much prevail. You will see the taking of the plane as well as the American Delta Force taking back the plane. This is a two hour film that will keep your attention with the action as well as a good story line.

I found this movie to be very interesting. I like the fact that terrorist do not always win at least not in the movies. Chuck Norris put on a great show as Major Scott McCoy who is always late. I would recommend this movie for all ages. There is a lot of violence but there is no bad language. The violent scenes also do not show tons of blood and gore. I liked this movie so much I had buy it for my collection and I think any one who likes Chuck Norris or Lee Marvin will find this movie very good as well.