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Deluge A Free And Multi Platform Bit Torrent Client

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By Shawn Bell on
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I have been using uTorrent for torrents in Ubuntu but for some reason I didn’t like running it through Wine. There were just some features I missed. After some searching around I came across Deluge. Deluge is free and multi-platform meaning you Windows and Mac users can give it a try too. It is rich in almost all the features uTorrent has but is slightly slower. Till I find something better, Deluge is my new favorite BitTorrent program in Linux. Utorrent is far supperior for Windows users.

How to Install Deluge in Linux

Step 1: Download Deluge and save .deb to desktop.

Step 2: Double click the file you just downloaded anbd click Install Package.

Not only does Deluge run great it also has an ip-blocker plugin already installed. You can even use the PeerGuardian lists.

How to Block IP Addresses in Deluge

Step 1: Open Deluge Preferences: Edit>Preferences

Step 2: Click “Plugins” on the list

Step 3: Check the box for “Blocklist”

Step 4: “Blocklist” will appear under the “Plugins” on the list

Step 5: Setup the blocklist however you like!

Check out the Deluge Homepage by heading over to http://deluge-torrent.org/