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Demon's Souls: The Hardest Game Ever

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While Demon's Souls is limited to only the PS3 console, it may provide gamers with one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, gaming experiences available. The game is set during a medieval time period, in the kingdom of Boletaria, where a dark force of demons has taken over. You'll start the game by choosing a class for your character, such as a thief, magician, soldier, or hunter. Special stat points will be awarded to your character, based on what class you choose. Stats include luck, endurance, vitality, faith, magic, intelligence, strength, and dexterity. All of these stats can be upgraded throughout the game. Even your armor and weapons can be upgraded. New weapons, health, and magic spells may be granted as well. You can earn the ability to upgrade your character by collecting the souls of Demons, which are left behind when you kill one.

During the game, you will run into some smaller Demons that prove to be a match every once and a while. All Demons have special abilities that give them their own unique strength during battle. You will have to learn over time which spells and weapons work most efficiently against these Demons. However, Demon's Souls takes pride in its epic boss fights, and new techniques will have to be used to kill them. As the levels progress, the bosses become more challenging, and sometimes much larger.

While Demon's Souls may share a similar concept with other RPG games, Demon's Souls stands out because of its difficulty. It's important to remember that you will die while playing this game. And you will die A LOT. Actually, you will most likely die in this game more than any other game available. The game is split into levels, some of which may take hours to play through, while others may beaten in half an hour or less. Once your character dies, he must re-spawn at the beginning of the level, regardless of how much progress you had made. This will become frustrating at times, but it makes the game that much more rewarding once completed. As you play, you will find new techniques in combat that will help you develop your skills further. After upgrading weapons, armor, and magic, to a certain point, your character will become extremely powerful, and once-impossible tasks become elementary.

One other aspect that makes Demon's Souls so interesting is its online play. While playing the game, you can drop customized messages throughout the world that other players can read. This enables players to leave tips behind for other players, and read tips that may help carry out your tasks. At certain places throughout the game, mostly during boss fights, you have the ability to summon the help of other players who are online. If you are the one being summoned, you gain extra souls for helping.

Demon's Souls has wonderful graphics, with sound effects and music that fit perfectly. Demon's Souls is an experience that other games have trouble competing with. Demon's Souls is rated Mature, and does contain a decent amount of violence. I highly recommend Demon's Souls for both hardcore and casual players (however I would also recommend investing in a guide-book, regardless of your experience).