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Denise Austin 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout

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May Monten By May Monten on
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This is an old video from 1989, and it's different from more recent videos because of the amount of repitition. In most aerobics videos nowadays, you will repeat a move 4 or 8 times and then move on to a different move. But in this one, you do the same move over and over. I tried counting a few, and lost count, but one, I think, went over 30 repititions.

This has both good and bad points. On the good side, it's very easy to follow along. You don't have to concentrate on picking up the moves -- just go on autopilot. You can think about other things, or even better, concentrate on the muscles that you are using, which will give you a better workout.

And you do work a lot of muscles. Even though you don't use weights, there are a lot of arm movements, and I really feel it, especially if I imagine myself pushing against resistance while I do it.

The bad part about doing so many repititions is that it does get dull. Because of that, this is a tape that I like to do every now and then, not as a regular thing.

One segment I usually skip, because it involves a lot of lunges switching quickly from one side to the other. I'm afraid this could be bad for my knees or ankles, especially since I work out on carpet which makes it hard to swivel. But this is just a short segment, so it's no big deal to skip it.

Denise Austin is very enthusiastic and very very hyper. She looks like she drank a full pot of strong coffee right before she began taping. It's a little annoying, but I would say on balance it's a good thing because all her bug-eyed encouragement actually works! When she says "You can do it! Keep on going!" I laugh -- but I also keep on going!

The production values are not so hot. The video looks like it was made on a shoestring, with one of the cheeziest sets I've ever seen on an exercise video. The music is cheezy too. And at the end of the tape, Denise Austin is visibly shining with sweat. Did nobody think to give her a tissue to blot her face?

But I'd still recommend it. It's nice and short (30 minutes -- less if you skip a segment or two like I do), and in that short period of time you get an aerobics workout that also lightly tones both upper and lower body muscles. Especially for people who don't like to spend a lot of time exercising, it's an efficient use of your time.

It's available as a used VHS on Amazon starting at $1.40. It doesn't look like it was ever reissued on DVD.