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Dental Visit Clean Feeling

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I love going to the dentist.........okay......not really. But I do love the way my teeth feel after a dental cleaning! I discovered this toothpaste at a friend's house this summer. I have heard of it before, but you know how you get into a rut and keep buying the same old toothpaste you always use? Yes, that was me......I drive my shopping cart by the toothpaste choices and look for that old familiar box and drop it in. Well this is not going to be the case the next time I need to buy toothpaste. I have found a new favorite!

This is CREST PRO-HEALTH toothpaste. It has a flip top (which I love)! I was excited to try this new toothpaste and since I had just bought a new toothbrush.........well it was a double treat! I applied some toothpaste to my brush and began the journey into a pure, minty and clean feeling! Do you know how your cleaning at the dentist seems to feel a bit gritty? Well this formula is pretty close to feeling like that. I know that it is working because I can feel the surface of my teeth getting smoother. It protects against cavities, helps fight gingivitis, and it also whitens your teeth. I have been using this for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say that it has removed tartar and brightened my smile :) I have recently had some dental work done which resulted in my teeth being a little sensitive when eating cold foods like ice cream.......well I probably shouldn't be eating ice cream but I can't help it..........it's summer! This formula of Crest has reduced the sensitivity I was experiencing in just three weeks. Wow! There are so many great features that I love about CREST PRO-HEALTH!

My friend gave me this tube of CREST PRO-HEALTH because I was so excited with my results. I will be buying this toothpaste from now on. I would suggest you give it a try if you have never picked one up. Or maybe ask your friends if they use it and give it a try.........they just might let you take it home!