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Den Tek Floss Threaders Perfect For Dental Braces

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I wear braces, so I'm not able to floss with a regular string of floss. On my last dental visit, I mentioned this to my dentist's assistant. She then recommended floss threaders which you floss between your wire and teeth.

At first, flossing with these is hard and it takes practice. My first time flossing with these took about 20 minutes to learn how to use them. After about a week of practice, I've got it down to 5 minutes flossing with these threaders. The threaders are flavorless.

After brushing, this product removes most of the food particles, but sometimes not all of it, so I rinse my mouth out a second time with water. The instructions tell you to pull 5 inches of floss through the loop of the threader and to floss between teeth. Lastly, remove floss from floss threader and begin normal flossing. I always ignore this and use the threader as an extra grip, because saliva reduces friction greatly, so I do that to maintain friction. Buy this product if you have a bridge, dental appliance, or braces. It will make your flossing much easier and quicker than regular floss. But to maintain friction, remember to keep the floss out of the threader and use the loop to hold onto for friction.