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Depuff And Lighten Those Raccoon Eyes!

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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Ice Elements IlluninEyes serum is what I reach for whenever I have a tired night or am dealing with allergies.

All too often dark under eye circles are the all too visual results when I have been up all night or dealing with ragweed. When I was younger, the visual results were so apparent that it sometimes looked like I had a black eye or two! While my under eyes do not get as dark as they used too, it does happen.

I find that using the IlluminEyes serum in the morning right after cleansing my face makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of my eyes. Immediately when I apply the serum to my under eye area I can feel a coolness and soothing feeling as the serum goes to work. In the hot summer months if I want an extra chill I may store my ImmuminEyes serum in the refrigerator. Within an hour, if any puffiness was present, my eyes have appeared tighter and brighter.

I find that if my eyes start to have dark circles that I can eliminate the darkness by using the serum for a week, day and night. After I use it for a week, I then use it just a couple of times a week as a maintenance, and may forego using it for a while just to eliminate the extra step as I prefer a simple, quick routine.

I do not use a lot of serum and I take care to not use it too close to my lash line as doing so can cause the serum to migrate into the eyes. I am a contact lens wearer and have never had any trouble using this product while wearing my lenses.

In addition to using IlluminEyes below my eyes, I also had a bothersome darker spot on one of my cheekbones that I used this on. It took a while but the spot has faded over time. I also sometimes use this serum on other parts of my face if I have any puffiness. Sometimes with my allergies I will have puffiness on my face that is most noticeable on my jaw line and upper eye lid, and the serum does seem to help with this, especially on the upper eye lid.