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Dermalogica Microfoliant Worth The Money?

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By Holly Francis on
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So, we've all tried different skin care solutions... right?

Well, you know how good it feels when you come out of the beauty salon after an hour-long facial? How great would it be if you could get that smooth skin at home!?

Well, now ladies, you can!

I am the worst customer there is when it comes to forking out my hard earned cash for skin products I don't know enough about.

Well, I'm here to tell you about the Dermalogica Microfoliant. I recently went for my overdue facial at my local beauty salon of which was named '60 minutes- The Full Dermalogica works'.

Now, let me start by saying that my skin is extremely sensitive to anything 'unnatural'. Any skin product with fragrance, or added artificial colours etc, make my skin flare up as though I were a teenager suffering from acne!

The treatment was very relaxing and as I lay listening to whale music, the therapist applied around 10 different Dermalogica products to my face throughout the 60 minutes. (Me, of course being slightly weary of this due to my previous skin troubles!)

At the end of the session, I was left to gather my belongings and adjust to the daylight I had ignored for the past hour. During these brief minutes to myself, I reached up to touch my face.... WOW! I had to touch it again, just to make sure it was MY face... never has my skin felt so smooth, and nourished!

As I talked with the beauty therapist, she told me of the products she had used. The Daily Micofoliant was picked out first for me... she told me that I could get that 'just from the salon' feeling at home and it came at a price of £36. A little steep for any ordinary face product, I thought.

After being persuaded that this product would last me 6+ months, I agreed to buy it.... after all, she said I would get that great feeling every day, and the product was made from all natural ingredients... such as rice.

Anyway, three weeks down the line, and I'm still using the product daily. My skin is still smooth, a perfect canvas for applying make up to, no dry skin peeling on my nose like normal. The end result... very very happy.

I would happily recommend this product to anyone that requires that little extra 'gently gently' approach to skin care.