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Derren Brown : Tricks Of The Mind Review

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Luca Infante By Luca Infante on
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Derren Brown is a well-known, experienced illusionist ; magician ; and generally mysteriously brilliant person. throughout his book he treads and explores some really deep and dark subjects. Which is pretty cool, and generally baffling at the same time. It's a mix mash of magic, hypnosis, memory and anti-science. Spoon feeding us to all becoming illusionists. I really loved this book. It's a real insight to what goes on behind the curtains. And can help you in every aspect of your life. From reading body language to remembering an entire deck of cards it will leave you shocked and wanting more.

The length of the book is about 400 pages. And amazingly he's crammed 6 overall sections for you to indulge in the enigma. For some serious readers that are relativity experienced in this field perhaps this isn't for them. It really just scratches the surface on each subject but has a unique balance that gives you just enough to use and enjoy. The memory section is really interesting and is really cool to read and learn about. That's another thing : You really learn something. That you can use in everyday life. whether it be to remember every goal of the 2006 world cup or simply just to WOW your friends over with an insane remembering card trick. It's fantastic. And I guarantee you'll get at least one satisfying smile as you watch your friends baffled by all the tricks you've learnt.

In essence, It's the foundations of magic and mystery. With all of his knowledge and hundreds of hours of reading researching and performing. He's picked his brain to give you the best insight and a lingering taste for this kind of thing, it is the stepping stone to other books and to be honest. It's nice knowing how they do it . On a last note, Darren starts to go into anti-science and bad thinking. He makes you think about things in a different way which is really amazing. Overall Brilliant.