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Desert Cammies For Kids

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If you have a budding little marine at your house, then consider this outfit. Since my dad is retired USMC, my son (his only grandson) has had cammies for as long as he can remember.

This set is unique though, because THIS set is the new desert camouflage done with a computer in pixils so that no two are exactly alike. The old cammies blended with trees so they were shades of green. The "new" desert cammies are shades of yucky brownish, greenish, kind of colors to blend in the the "new" battlefield of the dessert.

My son LOVES his cammies. He wears them sometimes all weekend, and would probably wear them to school if he did not go to Christian school :0) He is always telling me that he will grow up and be a marine (of course, this is not in his future due to his severe asthema and allergies but I just let him dream...there is plenty of time for reality later).

The cammies are great for playing war or just plain playing. Plus they make a great costume for halloween:0) They are extremely durable and made with thick fabric with the same consistancy as jeans. The printed T-shirt is thin but has held up well as well.