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Desitin Creamy Diaper Rash Ointment

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Jessica NE By Jessica NE on
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I bought a few tubes of desitin long before my daughter was born. I had always heard of this diaper rash cream and assumed it would be great to use. The price for a tube was not too bad.

Very early on my daughter had a pretty bad diaper rash. I used the desitin after ever changing and it still took several days for the rash to clear up. It still seemed like a pretty good product so I kept trying it.

I did notice one thing I hated!! This product is impossible to get off of your hands! It will not wash off. I would try to wipe most of the extra off on her diaper but the rest would just stick to me and even with minutes of washing with soap and warm water it would still be there. One day my husband accidently pressed down on the tube and tons came out. When I tried to wipe off the tube it would not come off of the outside and remained messy. It also got all over me and the only way it finally came off was to wipe most of it on a towel then wash my hands, then repeat. After all of that I still had to end up throwing the entire tube away. So in short, it is very messy even though it goes on the baby well.

After a while I wanted to try other products and found another brand that was a lot more effective and we have not had a diaper rash since. This product is fine if you don't mind the mess but I would not recommend it. We all know how much babies kick while changing a diaper and I don't know how many times it would end up all over her legs, hands, and feet and it was horrible to get off.