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Desperate Housewives Soundtrack

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By eclecticbird on
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The reason I bought this CD is because I love Desperate Housewives and the CD had such a variety of artists and styles I thought it would be a great investment. For the most part I do think it is a great CD.

The only thing I really didn't like was the little soundclips from all of the characters before the song that is supposed to represent them. While it was cute/interesting the first time having to listen to it over and over again is a bit much. However, if you are going to load the CD onto a mp3 player then you could delete those and just keep the music.

There are thirteen songs plus the theme song and then seven dialog tracts from the characters in the show.

As for the songs. They are all great and whoever chose the songs for the characters did a fantastic job. Edie's selection is Shoes by Shanai Twain and I couldn't help but laugh at the comparison of how shoes are like men..so Edie!

Martina McBride's Harper Valley PTA totally rocked a country classic and LeAnn Rimes' Running out of Time is an excellent new song from a popular artist.

Don't worry if it sounds like this is a country album because even though there are a lot of country artists it doesn't sound country and there are artists from other types of music as well. You will hear the Indigo Girls, Macy Gray, and Gloria Estafan just to name a few.

Overall excellent CD IF you can handle listening to show clips over and over again in between the music :)