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Destroying Your Favorite Nintendo Characters

Reviewing: Nintendo Super Smash Brothers Melee  |  Rating:
By jihoon on
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Smash Brothers Melee is an excellent upgrade from the original Smash Brothers from the Nintendo 64. boasting tons of new stages and many more characters its bound to keep you busy for a long time... that is, if you have friends to play it with.

To put it short, Melee is a horrible single player game. There is quite a bit to do other than defeating computer enemies such as homerun contest, where the player tries to damage and launch a sandbag as far as possible, or target breaking bonus stages, but these too get old rather quickly. The game was originally meant to be played as a multiplayer game.

If you have friends to play it with then its worth every penny. Its easy to pick up and play with its simplistic button control but also has enough depth to explore different fighting strategies and combos to keep you playing for quite a while.

I usually hate fighting games due to having to memorize button combinations to launch attacks but this game has no such thing and allows you to work on technical skill rather than memorizing skill.

Super Smash Brothers Melee is great if you have friends to play it with, if not, the I wouldn't recommend it.