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Devil May Cry 4.. Oh The Overhype!

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kurenai By kurenai on
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I've been a devoted fan of the Devil May Cry series ever since it came out, but it seems the Devil games go from Good (Devil May Cry 1) -> Bad (Devil May Cry 2) -> Good (Devil May Cry 3).. and then to bad again with Devil May Cry 4.

The storyline of Devil May Cry 4 is extremely cheesy, with some Order of that is trying to bring demons into the human world.. or something equally boring. It's now up to Nero, with the help of Dante and his gang, to stop the bad guys. And there you go, there's Devil May Cry 4's (badly scrapped) storyline in a nutshell. There's also random plot holes, such as why does Nero have his powers. What happened to the awesome storylines of Devil May Cry 1 and 3, Capcom?

The characters are also mixed. Nero is a Dante clone in design, Lady's outfit is too revealing for a character that appears in the game for 5 minutes max, and Gloria and Trish are fanboy droolfests. Everyone else, unfortunately, is too boring to mention at all.

Devil May Cry overall is a shot at a decent game in the Devil May Cry franchise, but ultimately fails and feels too much like a cheesy rehash of the previous games. Although the graphics are beautiful and Nero's fighting mechanics are fun, those aspects do not save Devil May Cry 4 from ultimate failure.