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Devil May Cry, Ok But One To Rent Before You Buy

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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Well I was bored with what games I had and went out and rented Devil May Cry for my PS2. It seemed like a interesting game and I heard a few good things about it so I figured why not? It's a rather dark game and appeared challanging, and I'm up for a challange since I've beaten Resident Evil 4 so many times I lost count! Anyway, in the original Devil May Cry, you assume the persona of Dante, the half-human, half-devil son of a legendary dark knight known as Sparda. A powerful and malevolent ruler of the underworld, whom Sparda vanquished 2, 000 years ago, has awakened and, although Dante doesn't quite know it at the game's begining, he, like his father, have been chosen to defeat this evil being. At his aid, at least for a extrmely small part, is a woman named Trish, who invites Dante to Mallet Island, a gateway to the netherworld. The game's story, draws heavily from cheesy dialog and generic plot points. But as Dante descends into the underworld, blasting a wide variety of demons on his journey, it's pretty much a hack and slash adventure. If your into that sort of gameplay, it might be right up your alley and you may want to buy it. But for me, the challenge just wasn't there, and although I liked the genre of the game, I think I'll rent it again before I decide if it's really worth the purchase. I recommend you do the same, because some of you out there who are seeking the challenge and haven't played this one, might be disappointed if you buy it first.