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Dexter Season 1

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Dexter Morgan, a Forensic Blood Spatters Expert is in a showtime series that definitely belongs on showtime. Dexter plays a serial killer who tries to make the best out of his terrible urges. Dexter goes after the dirtbags who think they have beat the justice system by finding a way to get dna analysis before taking them out. He also goes after people who have yet to be caught and takes them out as well. Things just seem to go too perfect for dexter in what he calls taking out the garbage(killing killers who prey on innocent victoms) as he always has enough time to set things up to avoid getting caught. To make things more complicated for dexter he has to deal with the growing suspicion of others around him and how he acts generally not showing much emotion when others would be upset.

The Ways of Dexter

Very often the show will explain things from dexters point of view by hearing dexter talk in the background as hes acting in the show. Dexter himself who is fearful of getting to close to mostly everyone in his life who don't know his dark side only has been close enough to very few people with some people who never quite left him mind-wise even though they have passed away. Examples of this is Harry(Dexters step-father who he has flashbacks of) whos also messed up and plays a key-role in the show. Harrys role in the show is just as important as Dexters or the show wouldn't be what it is.

My Thoughts On Season 1

Season 1 drags on with the same storyline all the way to the last episode but it doesn't get boring for me. It actually makes me eager to watch the next episode as things start to build upon each other and become more and more clear. Trust me your not going to figure it out on your own with the first few episodes you watch of season 1. The main thing in season 1 is figuring out who the Ice Truck Killer is as things get more bizarre.

The Acting

The acting of the charactors in the show is excellent.

Level of Suspense

The Suspense in the show can be spectacular when the storyline starts to build up and reach a climax.


The show is definitely original as its the only show I know of where a Serial Killer plays the main character in a show. I don't watch the show too often as it gots a way of making me feel corrupt. If there was anything to like about a serial killer though it would be one who takes out other killers who prey on the innocent. The show is messed up and isn't for everyone, but if you like shows that are out there and far from the norm than you might like it.

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