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Dexter Showtime Review

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By nbraun198 on
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This is a TV series about a serial killer. Except he doesn't kill random people, he only kills people who are hurting others and who cannot be caught by the police. These people include serial killers, insane rapists and many more.

This is a very interesting story and it is kind of odd because it twists your senses and it actually makes you root for the killer. This story get more and more intricate as it goes along and it become more and more interesting. I first started watching this show a few episodes into the first season and I was immediately hooked. I just couldn't get enough of it, there's just no other show out there that is like this one.

This show is just so odd and it just seems so evil at times. It constantly has twists that leave me with my mouth open.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good TV series. I absolutely love this one, it is my personal favorite.