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Diabetes Education Manual

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When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor insisted that I attend a class about it at the hospital. My father had been diabetic for over 30 years and I thought I already knew what I needed to know. However, I learned that not only did I not already know it, some of the information had changed over the years.

Each person in class was given a great handbook that helps explain diabetes and what it means to you. The book is loaded with valuable information about how to deal with the new reality in your life in order to be as healthy as possible.

The book lists the various things that diabetics have to deal with, such as AIC tests, foot examinations, eye exams, blood pressure, etc....

The first chapter is: Changing Behavior - This details what kinds of changes diabetics are facing in every day life and how to deal with them in the most positive manner.

Chapter 2 is: Monitoring Blood Glucose - This explains the hows and whys as to doing this and keeping a journal of your test results and explains what the results mean. It also explains the use of a glucometer and test strips.

There are several more chapters on things such as exercise, meal plans, stress, medications and insulin. There are very helpful chapters that explain how to handle diabetes when you're ill and warning signs that you should watch for. There is a chapter on pregnancy as well.

At the end of the book, there are situations you read and then figure out how you would solve them. You'll find out if you are on track to take the proper care of yourself as you deal with this challenging disease.

I know several people whose doctors simply put them on medication and basically sent them home without further information. I'm grateful that my doctor insisted I go to the class, even though I was sure I was wasting my time. This book is very helful and would be great for anyone who needs more information.