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Diablo 1 Game Review

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oliver villegas By oliver villegas on
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Diablo I is a hack-and-slash type game. It's fun to play since you get to buy armor, weapons, shields, and accessories to make your character stronger. Your character can be a Sorcerer, a Rogue, or a Warrior. My personal favorite is the warrior since he is strong in hand to hand combat.

You are given quests by characters in the story. Quests can be in the form of finding an item, defeating an evil beast, or helping solve the problems faced by the village.

It never gets boring even if you repeat the game all over with the same character (you can reset the game, and still retain the items). This is because for each game, there are a unique set of quests. Also, the maps on which you will be doing your missions is different for each game.

What I like most about this is that when an enemy is dead, he remains dead for that game. So I enjoy clearing all enemies before goind on higher levels. The same is true for the map; an area you explored before will remain explored.

For its time, this is quite an enjoyable game. I find it cool to still play this game even now.

I highly recommend Diablo I.