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Diablo: It'll Eat Your Soul

Reviewing: Blizzard Diablo Ii: Lord Of Destruction  |  Rating:
By jayz on
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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is best and flawlessly described as meth in pixalated form. I picked up the game in middle school and played it on and off until recently, and who knows when I'll decide to once again pop the CD into my computer. So, why is this game so addictive? Well, Blizzard plays through mankind's two most basic addictions: gambling and competition. The entire point of the game is not to forge through an innovative storyline or even to reach the end. No, the point is to hack and slash through zombie after zombie, leveling up so you can use that new spell to beat down that other character. It is to repeatedly kill the same bosses to hit that one in a billion chance of finding a rare item. And of course, Blizzard, being the clever peddlers they are, have given us hundreds of items to spend sleepless nights searching for. If you have lots of free time and very little reason to go outside, Diablo II is the game for you.