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Dial White Smaller And Stinkier

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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new Dial bar

I just bought a new pack of what has been my favorite soap for some years, but I’m sure having second thoughts about whether I’ll buy it again.

I’m pretty sensitive to the smell of soaps, lotions, etc. but Dial has always had a fresh smell without being too strong. Either I’ve suddenly gotten more sensitive, or they’ve increased the amount of scent.

I was sitting on the couch last night working on the computer and although I knew that no one was in the shower I kept wondering who was in the shower because I could smell the soap. Finally I realized that I had opened the new pack of Dial and I was smelling it all the way from the bathroom. It wasn’t making me sneeze or making my eyes water, but nevertheless it was irritating.

This comes on top of my first negative reaction when I opened one of the bars of soap the day before. Instead of a solid rectangular bar, we now have a sculpted, shaped bar. It may be artistic, but I think it’s a sneaky way to give you less soap for the same amount of money. (Although I don't have an old package to check this.) I did notice when I showered that the scent seemed a bit stronger than I remembered.

Hopefully the scent will fade, and soon, or I may have to give these away. I always liked Dial because it lathered well enough in our hard water, and the odor wasn’t too powerful.

It says that they are 4 oz, antibacterial bars. The active ingredient is triclocarban at 0.6%