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Diamond Eye Tear Stain Remover From Vitacoat

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The product I will review is Diamond Eye from Vitacoat. Here is how I have learned about this tear stain remover and facial cleanser for dogs, cats and small animals. I love small dogs. I have a 22 months old male Shih tzu and a few days ago I bought a new puppy. It's a 2 months old female maltese, she is so cute. I bought both of them at the same dog breeder. I have visited the breeder's place 2 years ago as I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to buy a dog where they badly treat them. As you may know, the maltese dogs have a white coat and its beautiful white coat gets stains from tears and other stain causes. The breeder told me I should use Diamond Eye tear stain remover from Vitacoat so that my dog doesn't have yellow stains under the eyes.

There are different causes for stains such as excess tearing - red yeast, ear infections, genetics, cutting teeth, allergies, irritation, water, certain food and treats and fleas. It would be a good idea to know what cause your dog to have stains so you can try to control it. If it's not under control, even if you use a stain remover, the stains will come back and may be worse.

Before using Diamond Eye, it is recommended that the face of the dog is clipped. Then saturate a small cotton wool swab with Diamond Eye. Gently swab the stained area using a clean wool for each eye. Make sure that the product doesn't get into the eyes. Diamond Eye is suitable for all breeds and 100% safe for your dog. This product is used by professional breeders and exhibitors. The bottle contains 125ml of the product and I found Diamond Eye stain remover at my nearby pet shop. I have used this product a few times and it does help remove the yellow stains.