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Diamond Needle Files Really Great!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Diamond files will actually put an edge on stainless steel knife blades. This 10-pack has three different grits and four sizes.

I’d been wanting these for a long time, and finally got them for Christmas this year. These files are industrial diamond-coated grit which is brazed to nickel steel handles. Each handle has a plastic coating for easy gripping, but the handles are round, so they will twist in your fingers. The only brand name is the initials SE on the package, set 742DF.

These are basically hobby files, but I wanted to be able to sharpen stainless steel knives. In my kitchen I use regular steel, which is easy to keep an edge on. But for camping the stainless steel is less likely to corrode, and both my camp knife and pen knife are stainless. It is notoriously difficult to get a good edge on stainless steel.

There are three files with 180# grit (the most coarse of the three, but generally considered medium grit), three with 260#, and three with 360# grit (the finest). Each of these comes in three sizes. One of each is 1/4 inch wide, one at 3/16 inch, and one at 1/8 inch. The blade is flat and the grit is brazed to all four edges. Each file is 5 inches long overall. This makes 9 files. Also, while in broad profile each file is rectangular, looking at the narrow edge each tapers slightly away from the handle. I tried to show this in one of the pictures.

The 10th one is also in 360# grit, and is a round pointed file about 1/8 inch diameter, which will be great for reaming out holes or interior edges.

You can use these on any hobby material, such as wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, and metal.

They come in a simple, but adequate plastic pocket type case.

So, I immediately tried them out to see if I could get a nice edge back on my pen knife which had gotten quite dull. In about 10 minutes, using the various grits, I had the knife nice and sharp again. I’m very pleased! Since I also do model railroading when I can afford it, I know that these will be very handy.

I have ordered a number of hobby tools from Micro-Mark, and have been pleased with the company as well.