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Diamond Xtreme Sound Card: The Name Says It All!

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First off, just to foreshadow my feelings towards this particular sound card - thank GOD I grabbed the last one on that sunny day!

Why say that, when there's always bound to be more in stock you ask? Well, for one, it was on sale for $9.99, which is quite amazing considering that quality sound cards simply do NOT fall into that range - which is reasonable, too. A few years ago, I had been sitting there, on my desktop computer, wondering if there's a possible way to improve the sound that my speakers were giving off. This was during a mixing session with a couple of songs into play, and despite the fact that the speakers I have are quite good, it just wasn't enough to satisfy me.

I then found out that the speakers weren't really the problem, as even if I bought a more expensive set of speakers, I knew for sure I wasn't going to achieve the sound that I've been longing for. Shortly thereafter, it hit me: the sound card that my computer had been manufactured with over at the factory was exactly the problem. That's where I went out on that same day, hoping and I mean HOPING that on such a busy day at Staples they would have the Diamond XtremeSound card that I came across during a Google search. Regularly priced at $19.99 and going for 10 bucks during that time? There was NO way whatsoever that I was going to pass up on that one, even if I didn't need it!

I asked one of the sales associates in the store the whereabouts of the card within the building, and with an unreal amount of people in that store, I began to become skeptical, but with patience just to get to the end side of the store and with my index and middle fingers crossed, I glanced at it, ever happy that there was one left. Lucky indeed I was, and it just so happened that that one sound card was the last one in the entire state of New York. Crazy stuff!

The sound card itself was extremely easy to install - it includes the Quick Start Guide for easy reference and step-by-step instructions for those who have never dealt with sound cards (such as myself prior to that purchase), and of course, the installation driver disc itself. I followed it closely, and minutes after, I played the mix I created earlier on in the day, only to find the issue completely resolved. The sound was MUCH better than it was prior to the installation of the card, and on a day that I had absolutely nothing to do, I ended the day with a blast, creating a ton of mixes all thanks to the superb sound of the Diamond card!

By the way, if you ever come across one of these, please, don't let the illustration of the card fool you into thinking that you'll be there for hours trying to work out on a way to install this as in reality, it's one of the easiest things you can add onto your computer. Superior sound with anything that can be possibly played on any computer - be it music, video clips and last but not least, movies. Speaking of which, you'll be impressed how much of a theater-like sound you'll get out of this once you hit the Play button within your video program and are ready to embark on a movie experience like no other.

Take my word for it - with something that is extremely affordable for which is built out of superb quality, what more could you ask for? Trust me - your computer will indeed appreciate it!