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Diamondbacks The Movie

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Diamondbacks (1998) was without doubt one of the worst movies I have seen/heard of or made, one of the things that made it so horrible was the repedetive plotline. I suppose you want to hear the plot, it acually wouldn't be so bad if the script wasn't so, well, dumb, it just doesn't, contain any, suspense, action (although there is an attempt to), anyways, this group called the Diamondbacks want to take over this NASA sattelite station to blow up the acual sattelite. The acting is ok, I really can't say much for this movie besides, don't buy it (seriously it isn't worth a dollar, maybe 50 cents), don't look at it, don't download it (not just because its illegal but would be a total waste of time), in fact, don't even think about it. So, that said, I would not recommend this (what is said to be) movie to anyone, it isn't worth the dollar, but if you like long boring movies that are dumb, go ahead and buy it. (I know this review just sounds like an attempt to, well, get another review, but it isn't, i hate this movie with a passion.)