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Diaper Genie Less Than Magical

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By leabarton on
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At first, the Diaper Genie was great. We have the wide-mouth opening, and when our son was tiny and had loads of poopy diapers, it contained the smell and kept our dog from digging in the trash. We were changing the genie every third day. I learned quickly how to change it, although at first it was a bit difficult. I think it's a simple process once you figure it out.

However, my husband never really liked the genie. Quite often he didn't put the diaper in exactly the right place, so when he twisted the top (this twists each dirty diaper into its own little pouch) two diapers would often get twisted together, or the liner wouldn't twist at all, leaving the diaper hanging. He would have to reach in, pull the dirty diaper out, reposition it in the holder, and then twist it. Tiny baby diapers are very messy if they are poopy (our son was mostly breastfed) and my husband hated reaching in for the poopy diaper. He said we should just use the trash can and empty it every day.

I disagreed until recently. Now that our son is older, he uses fewer diapers. Plus, he's no longer breastfed, so the poopy diapers stink more. My husband throws wet diapers in the regular trash, poopy diapers in the genie. We've reached a point where we have been emptying the genie every week or two. It really started to stink. In response, I started emptying it more frequently. It still stinks. I washed it in citrus cleanser, a strong odor/sanitizer. This worked for about two days. Our bedroom reeks. Finally, just yesterday, we decided to get rid of it and just throw the diapers in the trash.