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Diaper Rash Cream Not Just For Baby's Butt

Reviewing: Schering Plough Healthcare Products A & D Zinc Oxide Cream (Aka Diaper Rash Cream)  |  Rating:
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As someone who suffers from eczema, I probably know all the creams and lotions that the doctors prescribe. Most of the ones that actually did some good for me contained Corticosteroids, which have side effects. Even topical steroids for medical use can be bad for you, especially if used too often.

My eczema began about 10 years ago and it was on my face and neck. It came out of nowhere and soon made its presence a daily part of my life. I was embarrassed and miserable. After seeing a dermatologist, he started me out on low dose steroid creams. They'd help a little bit, but not completely. He'd change me to a stronger cream and I'd go through the same thing. Each visit resulted in yet another, more potent cream.

I was warned not to use the cream regularly. Usually, it was prescribed for two weeks, then stop. The problem was that after the two weeks, the eczema would be back. One of the side effects is thinning of the skin and also, if you use it too often, the eczema may show up more. Since this is a steroid, it is absorbed into the skin and blood tests are often required to check for any problems. These creams are not good for you if used regularly.

Last May, I was visiting another type doctor and my face was in full bloom. I was so embarrassed because make-up wouldn't hide it. It helped a bit, but the rash was still visible. While talking to this man, he told me not to feel bad as he too suffers from eczema. I always hear how common it is, yet I didn't know anyone else who had it, so I was interested to talk to him.

He reinforced what I already knew about the steroid creams. He suggested that I try A & D cream. I had never heard of this, so he then told me that it's plain old fashioned diaper rash cream. What?? Diaper rash cream for my face? It sounded ridiculous, but he swore by it, so I decided to try it too.

I headed for the baby section at Walmart and found the creams. There was a plain cream and one with zinc oxide. I had no clue if one was better than the other and I finally settled on the zinc oxide formula.

The instructions he gave me were to use the A & D cream as soon as my eczema began to flare up. I could usually feel it coming on, so I'd start then. Sometimes I'd just apply it in the places that were the worst in the hopes that it would prevent a breakout. I used it regularly and my breakouts responded. For the most part, they aren't bad now and if I have a more severe breakout, I mix a little of the A & D cream with my steroid cream and apply them together.

Since I began this treatment, I have only had a couple of real noticeable rashes, where I used to have them regularly. This product made a huge difference in how my skin looks, which makes me a whole lot happier.