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Dick Smiths Metal Detector Beach Finder

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theuniguy By theuniguy on
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About a years or two ago I bought a cheap (what I thought was cheap) metal detector from my local Dick Smiths Electronics store. Costing about $89 Australian, the metal detector has a relatively solid plastic frame, with an adjustable arm length making it suitable for even bigger kids such as myself.

It’s very basic and only has a volume and sensitivity adjusters, with a headphone port so your neighbours don’t have to listen to the beep…beep…beep. The magnetic coil on the bottom is nearing 20cm in diameter and has an angle adjuster aswell.

After using the metal detector for a few hours of trial and error, I soon discovered that using a metal detector isn’t as easy as it looks, and requires the right amount of sensitivity aswell as distance to the ground for maximum efficiency. The metal detector is capable of finding objects such as cans, bottle caps and jewellery at a distance of 60 to 80cm, which to me is as much as I want to dig for a potential bit of rubbish.

I managed to use the detector ad my dad’s for several hours and managed to find 20 or 30 odd bits of metal lying around in the garden, meaning this machine does work, and does it quite well. The best place to use these machines is at popular beaches etc where things easily get left behind just below the surface.

This machine is great, however it does have a few drawbacks that I’ve found. The major of these is the price. From what I understand, metal detectors can be bought for far under $80, with much better construction materials, and makes you actually look like a hobbyist”. The other problem with the metal detector is that it cannot distinguish between metals, meaning your more likely to be digging up rubbish then anything of value, but other then that, it’s well worth the time and effort.

A metal detector is a good present for any age, and as long as it looks more professional then this one, then I see no problem in owning one, or if you get one such as this, then I say do your work at night!!.