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Did You Say, Doesnt Kink Or Coil?

Reviewing: Plastar Spring Hose 50 Foot Coiled  |  Rating:
By Geralyn Hydock on
Badge: Publisher | Level: 10 | Yard & Garden Expertise:

They are continually coming out with newer and greater products which are supposed to make your life much easier. This coiled hose is just one of those products and of course, my husband just had to have one. Once again, I gave him a blue one for his birthday. He seems to like it but I think it is a total pain in the you know what! You have to really pull it and unwind it as it gets all tangled up. I prefer the old fashioned type hose over this one.

This 50 foot hose is supposed to be flexible, a great alternative to the standard rubber hose, and make watering your gardens much easier. I have news for them, it constantly tangles up and you have to undo it. It is more work than it is worth. They also tout that it is made out of lightweight material which can help reduce fatigue. Once again, I disagree as the hose is quite heavy. I prefer the old rubber hose to this one.

Yippee! It comes with a lifetime warranty. Well you know what I say, keep it. Your hose is not worth the money I spent on it. We will definitely be getting new hoses this spring!