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Diet Pepsi

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karen By karen on
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My husband likes to drink Diet Pepsi when he has the taste for soda. Being a diabetic, he not only needs to watch his weight but also his sugar intake. Diet Pepsi has zero calories and zero sugar, but for a diet soda it doesn't taste that bad.

A one liter bottle costs about $1.00 or a little bit more at Walmart. I have, on occasion, tried some of it myself, and I must admit that for a diet drink, it really doesn't have a bad flavor. I prefer regular Pepsi, but if my husband is going to have an occasional soda, I'd rather see him drink something that isn't loaded with calories or sugar. And one liter for about $1.00 is a good price. If hubby drinks it sparingly, this one liter bottle can last a while.

If you are watching your weight and your sugar intake, Diet Pepsi is not a bad way to go. Of course, the healthiest thing to drink is plain water, but there are those times when the taste buds just require a little extra zing. Diet Pepsi is not bad in flavor and will quench a thirst, and zero calories and sugar is not bad either.