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Different Vision?

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I live in a small city and we don't have that many modern technologies. Anyway, for the longest time, I have been wearing glasses because I know there is something wrong with my vision, but it seems it could not be pinpointed. I would often get headaches, get dizzy in supermarkets, can't stand reading and the glare of the sun. I have transferred from one optical shop to another but to no avail.

Then finally, I went to Anglo Optical. It just so happened that her clinic was near my office and so I got to visit her. The first time I met with her, I was so impressed with what she knows. Her clinic is well arranged and smelled good. Anyway, what I was after was what she offered me. Since she get constantly trained with the latest in the United States, she told me about progressive lenses.

It seems that my although the impairment of my vision is just small, somwhere from 25 to 50 with astigmatism, the impairment differs among the close, medium and far range. Am I explaining this correctly? Ugh....Anyway, whereas in the past we see older people with double vision prescription eyeglasses, mine was triple vision. I have a different grade for reading, for using the computer, and for looking at far objects, such as in the supermarket. My impairment was complex and so it needed a complex lens. Anyway, with the progressive lens, the lines separating the grade could not be seen. Which is goo, because I sudder to think that I would have two lines on my very small glasses.

And true enough. This glasses worked for me. The doctor said that since my grade is not too high, the impairment may be corrected and I may no longer need glasses anymore, as long as I religiously wear them! Hurray! True enough, after about a year of using my glasses, my vision was corrected and it has been 10 years now since I have not worn glasses. Great huh?

But, well, I had to pay a high price for it. Where I am, average pair of glasses for my grade is just around 20$. But this one cost me $90 10 years ago. I wonder how it costs now. And the frame is not really branded. Oh well, but it was worth it, considering that I no longer have to wear glasses anymore.