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Digby's Donuts: Not For Me

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There’s usually excitement when I play flash games. Just say that I’m not a game maniac but I love playing flash games especially when I’m bored. I was surfing the web, searching for downloadable flash games, when I found the link for downloading this flash game, Digby’s Donuts. This game is made by Hipsoft. I thought that it was a time management/dash game, but I was wrong. This is not categorized in that genre. Instead, this is rather a puzzle (matching color puzzle).

The display and sound are good, I think. The donuts colors can be clearly distinguished and this surely will help gamers a lot to play the game. There are two modes in this game: franchise and arcade mode. The franchise mode is helping Digby opening his donut shops across the country, while the arcade mode is playing endless levels to gain highest score. How to play it? Well, there is a flipper that we should use to catch falling donuts and stack them then drop them in some kind of vertical bars located below the flipper. While dropping them into the bars, you should be careful enough as to group them to the same donut colors to get points. Any 3 same adjacent colors will disappear and you get points by this (the donuts will be considered sold when they disappear). There is a tips bar on the right and after you fill the bar full with your points/tips you get when you sell donuts, you complete one stage. As you finish one stage, you will be taken to another city (higher level). You are allowed do only two mistakes/blunders, or else, game over. Failure to catch one donut or drop donut not into the vertical donut bar is considered one mistake/blunder. Also, if you stack too many donuts on the flipper it will start to shake and you have to drop it quickly, otherwise you can't catch any more donuts, and it will result in blunders. Now it may sound very simple to do the jobs but believe me, playing this game requires more concentration than I expected. After finishing two stages or so, I already lost my concentration. Game over at early stages makes me think that maybe this game is not for me. Though you can start over at the city where you last finish, after a while I already feel bored. Well, all I can say is that I don't recommend this game.