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Digimon: The Movie Pure Digi Fun, But Little Else

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Digimon: The Movie is the one and only full-length Digimon feature released in America. Back at the height of its popularity, Digimon was a phenomenon, even beating out Pokemon in the ratings at times. The natural thing to do was release a movie.

Unfortunately for the people at Fox, they didn't have enough material to make a full length movie. So instead, they took the first three Japanese movies (movies in Japan can last as little as twenty minutes) and combined them into one, and thus, Digimon: The Movie was born.

The plot centers on the Digidestined, a group of children destined to save the world, and their pals from another world, called Digimon. The movie is made up of three Japanese Digimon features. The first one features the main protagonist, Tai Kamiya, and his sister Kari as they first encounter one of the strange Digital Monsters. The second part, taking place four years later, features Tai and his friends as they go up against a Digimon that's attacking the internet and throwing the world into a panic. Finally, the last part features a completely new set of Digidestined children as they battle a power-crazed Digimon posessed by a computer virus.

The flow is actually kind of hurt by the fact that none of the three parts of the movie really go together. The writers were ordered by the higher ups to try and connect the three movies, which didn't really help matters much. Still, all three parts are great fun, and if you take the movie as three for the price of one, you can get much more enjoyment out of it.

Special features are scarce, to say the least. We have a music video of "Kids In America" by LEN, as well as the theatrical trailer. With the rich history the movie appeared to have, you'd figure they'd cram more stuff in there. A making-of documentary? The story of how the movie was put together would've been quite enlightening.

You can pick up Digimon: The Movie fairly cheap nowadays. Don't expect much in the way of special features, just a fun-filled adventure.