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Digimon World 4: A Breath Of Fresh Air?

Reviewing: Bandai Digimon World 4  |  Rating:
By Collin Skeen on
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We've all been plagued the by the sub-par Digimon World games in the past. One of the newest games in the series, Digimon World 4, manages to be different from the others in the series, but is that a GOOD thing?

Digimon World 4 isn't a turn-based RPG like the past two games. Instead, it's more of an overhead hack-n-slash game, much in the vein as the Gauntlet series. Unfortunately, unlike the Gauntlet games, this game is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY hard. I'm not one to complain about difficulty, but it does stink when you have to replay through the first level five times because you die every few minutes. Another gripe is the amount of playable characters...only around ten or so. A Digimon game NEEDS lots of different Digimon.

Luckily, the game has its good points. The Digimon World series made a very nice transition to the PS2, and the graphics look really nice. The colors are vivid and the worlds look the way they're supposed to. The music isn't too memorable, just kinda there. Nothing to really complain about, but nothing to prais, either.

Overall, Digimon World 4 is just plain average. It has its good points, and it has its bad points. If you're a fan of the series, pick it up, as it is becoming quite rare. If not, don't really worry about it. While the new gameplay is a breath of fresh air, the difficulty and lack of characters may not warrant you actually buying this game.