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Digital Basal Thermometer

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traceyb22 By traceyb22 on
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I bought this thermometer to use daily for charting my temperatures while we are trying to conceive our second child. My old thermometer quit working and I had always read that the basal thermometer were best for fertility charting so I bought this one.

The main difference is that the basal shows your temperaure to the 1/100 of a degree, e.g. 98.65 instead of 98.6. This is great when you are charting your temperatures for fertilty reasons, because it gives a much more accurate chart. You can tell if your temps are going up or down, even they they only shift slightly. This is a very accurate thermometer.

When I ordered it, I thought that it would have memory recall and show the last temperature you took when it was turned on. Mine doesn't. I'm not sure that feature just doesn' t work on mine or if the info on the website was incorrect. Either way it would be nice to have. Many times I can't remember what my temperature was, by the time I get the chance to get online and chart it. I guess I should start writing it down immediately, but I probably won't.

The other complaint I have is that this seems like a very slow thermometer. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the quick readings of some of the ones out there, but somedays I feel like I'm waiting forever for it to beep. If you've done any charting, you know you are supposed to take your temp first thing when you wake, before you even get out of bed. It's hard to wait when you have a baby crying for you.

If accuracy is your main concern, this a great thermometer. However, if you'd rather have speed, you should probably pass on this one. I'll keep looking for one with both!