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Digital Movie Camera Kodak

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I purchased this Kodak Digital Camera for my husband 3 Christmases ago. This Kodak camera has a 10x zoom and 7.1 megapixels. But it's also our movie/video camera.

The internal memory is fine but we never use it, unless by accident. We prefer the SD cards you can purchase almost anywhere. The one we normally use has 2GB of memory capacity.

The memory card is able to record high quality videos and the camera itself captures excellent sound! Even a friend of ours who used two $900 video cameras to record the same performance by my husband at Easter time. The video I wanted to include wasn't loading, so I think it's too large. But our friend told me that he couldn't get over how clear the sound was. Neither of his video cameras caught the image or sound quality of our camera. That is a testimony for sure! Here's a review of our dachshund, with me using the video.

I prefer not to use the zoom very much because even though it has a 10x zoom, when you do zoom it will fuzz the picture a bit. I just normally take the picture and use a photo program to crop or zoom into what I really want. It works very well for me that way.

The only thing my husband does not like is that we can't add longer zoom lenses to the camera. So I guess I will inherit this one when we get him a more professional one. But that's ok because I use it all the time anyway.

This camera can take all styles of pictures. My husband likes the one that stitches together panoramic images. Here is an example of him doing that feature - NE Georgia Mountain Pictures. The long images are the ones used with the stitching setting. It's actually called, "Panoramal Left-Right".

There are "Sport" settings for action shots and all kinds of lighting settings that automatically or manually set to your environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

If you put it on "Smart Scene", the camera will automatically select the best setting for that photo. I use this one all the time. When you are in this setting, you hold down the button half way and green brackets appear on the screen or through the view finder. This temporarily holds the image still so you can take a photo. I love that!

When you take a picture, you can use it like a regular camera and look through the view finder, (which my husband does) or use the LCD screen - which I totally prefer.

Digital Image Stabilization allows you to control the amount of movement or shaking of the camera. For example, if you are in a vehicle and trying to take pictures as you drive by scenes that you want a picture of but can't pull over. - NOTE: I am referring to being a "passenger" and not the driver.

High ISO: allows you to take pictures in very low light conditions.

Flash feature can be set to automatic, red eye reduction, no flash or regular flash to work all the time.

The battery life is average for a digital camera. But we use rechargeable batteries and it definitely is cheaper than using regular batteries. I also have a Kodak battery pack that is normally our preference and we just sit the camera on a charging station with the battery pack in it and the charge lasts throughout the day. It even holds an hour of battery time on videotaping.

The bottom of the camera allows for you to screw it onto a tri-pod and it also has a feature to set the timer so everyone can be in the picture.

All of my videos on Shared Reviews are done using this easy camera. I actually can't wait until this camera belongs only to me and I don't have to answer my husband as to why I haven't snapped the lens cap back onto it. I plan to get an 8gb or larger memory card and then I can record more videos without the time limits.

Update On May 26, 2010: This camera is great. The only thing we would improve on is if we could have interchangeable lenses. Our friend who uses an $800 video camera can't believe the quality this digital camera provides - just when I record inside our church. The quality is great and it picks up sound wonderfully. I attached a video of my husband playing Judas during a Sunday sermon. One of the kids in our youth group was controlling the camera and you can see the quality and hear the sound. Plus our lighting in there isn't that great for recording but this came out great - like all our videos do with this camera.