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Digital Picture Frame

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I was in Sam's Club a couple of month's ago and this was an impulse buy. It was normally close to $100, but marked down to $30! My husband wanted a digital photo frame for a long time but I just couldn't justify buying one until the prices came down. So when I saw this at Sam's and the lady from the Photo counter told me she had bought one, I was convinced.

The frame comes with a brushed silver aluminum frame that has hearts etched into the upper left corner, or you could choose the plain black plastic frame. I have plenty of dark frames, so opted to use this one. My husband has had a ball filling his external memory card and putting tons of pictures in it. Or you can use the internal 128mg memory - not us, since we are technical geeks in this house!

There is a credit card sized remote control that allows you to run the many functions this frame has. I included a picture of the buttons on the back.

The first button is the power and you know it's starting up because music starts to play.

The second button is for EXIT - this exits the menu.

The third button allows you play any movies you may have on an external memory card.

The fourth button is for turning the music on and off.

The last and fifth button is for the photos and you can choose several options on how you want them displayed. Either one at a time, or even up to 4 pictures in the frame at the same time. But those look too small to me, so we leave the full screen on.

It even has a calendar and alarm clock functions - not sure if we'll ever use that, but it's cool it's in there.

The frame has 2 built in stereo speakers that are quite loud. We rarely ever play the music or sound, but it's good to know we can.

There is also USB Host & USB Device so you can play any movies from a computer or other USB capable device.

It's a 7" TFT LCD True Digital image frame with an 800 x 480 Resolution.

Now, I did have an issue in the beginning because after about a week, the frame failed to start up. So I took it to Sam's Club and there was only one left - the display model. The employee was so helpful and crawled into the racks to disconnect that frame so I could test it to see if it was just the power cord or what. They all were so nice about it. Unfortunately, nothing worked and the manufacturer apparently only has a website running and isn't really in business any longer. Not sure how that works, so maybe they will be back soon.

I ended up taking it back home. My husband was determined to get it working and when he opened the back, he saw the connections were not touching right - of course, he fixed it and it's been running perfectly since. Gotta' love having a computer technician and "tinkerer" at home.

We love watching all of the photos of the kids in our youth group, family and friends rotate through the frame. And the kids love watching their pictures and will sit there and laugh at the memories of some silly group event we were at or thing we were doing.The frame is also great because we don't need to worry about having tons of small frames all over the house with so many kids in our group. I mean, we are up to 50 kids - that would be a lot of frames. This works out perfectly.

I really do love it and am glad I was at Sam's Club at the right time.

**I did include one image from the manufacturer that shows both frames and the remote control - that image was not taken by me and belongs to ADS.

Update On Apr 15, 2010: We decided to put on the music that comes in this frame and it's so relaxing! I am so happy my husband was able to fix this frame. I haven't seen these at this low cost in any store. But if I ever do see another frame for this little money, I will buy more.