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Digitech Digidelay

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Digital Time Delay Digidelay Digitech

I got this pedal for around $60 and it sure was a great deal. It was 4 knobs: Level, Repeats, Time, and Mode. The level knob controls how loud the delayed effects are. The Repeats knob control how many times the effect is delayed. You can have anywhere from 1 repeat to repeats that can last you quite a few seconds. The time knob controls the intervals at which the signal is repeated. The mode knob features different kinds of delay: 10-25 miliseconds, 25 ms to 1 sec, 1 sec to 4 sec, tape delay, modulated delay, reverse delay, and then a loop function. The first three modes are pretty self explanatory. Tape delay simulates vintage delay pedals, modulated delay makes your delay sound like a chorus pedal, reverse delay makes your delayed signals play backwards, and the loop functions allow you to play guitar phrases, record them, and then play over them. This thing also has a tap tempo function which you can control the delay time with your foot.

This pedal’s metal casing is pretty sturdy and solid. The metal isn’t cheaply made or thin, I’ve dropped it a couple of times, and it’s still in near perfect condition, but if using a battery to power this thing, the battery will be drained within like 2 or 3 hours. I suggest using an AC adapter so you can save money.

The sound quality is pretty clean and there is no hum coming from this thing. I realized that its tone is pretty warm, considering it’s a digital effect. This thing has to be in your amp's effects loop or it won’t sound as pronounced. It works well with clean settings and distorted settings. I found out that if you play with the time knob while in tape delay and the pedal engaged, it makes really cool warbly effects. The modulated delay sounds very warm and smooth. The only problems I had with it is that the looper function is pretty much useless, since it only allows 4 seconds of recording time; the tap tempo mode is very hard to get it right. Whenever im playing a new song, I can never get the delay just right using the tap tempo; and for the repeats knob, after about 3 o clock, the knob doesn’t produce any repeats at all which I think is kind of useless. Oh, and also, sometime when you engage the pedal, you can here it click on from the amp which is annoying.

This pedal overall is a little better than average, although if you want the highest quality delays, go with Boss, of course they do get a little pricey. For what I paid for this pedal, you get pretty good delays with a couple of extra goodies to play around with. If this was stolen, I'd go with boss, unless, im broke, in which case, i would probably pick up another one of these. If you want good sounding delay, go for this one, its unbeatable for the price.