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godfrey884 By godfrey884 on
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Like most other people we thought that having a satelite dish would be better, and we were told by others that it was cheaper. So we got rid of our cable and tried Direct Tv satelite service. When we called customer service seemed great, we got the dish and 2 recievers free, we choice to go with the total choice package so we would get the childrens channels and my husbands DYI channel.

After having the service for a few months we couldn't get t he DYI channel no more, when we called they said that channel wasn't suppose to be in the package and we could get it for an additional $5.00 a month, so we did just that.

Fast forward to a year later, we bought our house, they came and installed the new dish on our new house, we inquired about the getting a DVR from them, they said it would cost us $250.00 without a contract or we could get it free if we signed a 2 yr contract, so we took the two year contract and got it free and paid a leasing fee of $5.99 month, doing it this way we saved about $100.00.

Since we moved we have had more problems with losing signal, just the slightest wind would cost signal lose, they did come to my house to realign the dish after a year of calling and complain. That did improve our signal, at this point we would only lose signal with really bad storms.

Just last week is what took the cake with Direct Tv, our bill was due on May 5th, and we hadn't made a payment, like most people financial problems do arise. On May 13th I get a call from Direct Tv at 8am when I answered the phone they hung up, so I called them back ( gotta love call display) they said they were calling because we had a balance owing, and they were seeking payment, I was aware of the balance owing and that the balance was one months payment, ($76.00). The lady contined to say that we owed $155.00, I said how can that be. She said that we owed $76.00 due on the 5th of the month and that they just sent out a new statement on the 9th for $155.00 and this point I hadn't even recieved the new statement, that had been mailed 2 business days before they called looking for payment. So I told her my husband gets paid friday and she said we were schedualed for disconnection on Thursday. I told her I would see what I could do. From Tuesday till Friday, they called everyday, and at least once a day I would get to the phone and answer and there automated system would hang up on me, finally when they called at 8am Friday morning, I told them to just go ahead and disconnect the service.

I don't think it is worth going through all that for being 11 days late with a payment, when we had been customers of theres for 3yrs and have never made a late payment. Good thing this all happened after my contract was ended, my contract was up on May 3rd.

Come Saturday afternoon another call from Direct Tv, this man is telling us that we are valued customer and what can he do to keep up as customers. I explained to him that I didn't appreciate to be called at 8am looking for payment and to boot asking for a payment from a bill I had not yet recieved, he looks at the account and contines to say we now owe $231.00, when I asked him to explain how, he was all confused and didn't know how this amount came too. At this point I told him not to even bother wasting his nor my time, we were not interested in dealing with this company any longer.

Needless to say we switched back to cable sevice.