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Direct Tv Satellite

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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When my husband and I moved to Portland, OR, we started out with a local cable company. When we first got their service we had about 250 channels and were paying about $200.00 a month for just the cable. The cable boxes they gave us didnt have a lot of good service and I was calling them almost once or twice a month to come out and look at the setup or fix whatever was wrong. There were several time in the 7 months we had the service that we lost the picture or it would become fuzzy. We had DVR and sometimes the box would not record our shows.

After looking and pricing satellite companies, we stumbled upon Direct TV which is offered through our local phone company. After much discussion, we finally decided we would switch just to give it a try. Let me tell you, that was the best disicion that we made. We called them in October 2007. At that time they offered some great packages starting anywhere from $39.99 a month to $79.99. For first time customers they were offering a package where we got about 350 channels including 25 movie channels and an about 5 NFL channels plus all local, kids, and special channels like LMN, SOAP channel, WE, REAL, TRU, and G4 for $69.99. We chose that package and my husband was able to watch all football channels with hardly any commercials whenever they were on. In addition to the cable channels, we also added the DVR so that we could record our programs as well as another box for our bedroom (which didn't cost us extra).

When the technicians came out they hooked up our cable and because we lived on the third floor of an apartment, they made sure the dish was secured to the post so that if it was windy it would not fall They also explained to us how the box worked, and told us what channels we got and all of the extra features. Once they left, we received a call from Direct TV to ask how the service was and if we had any other questions.

We moved in February and I called them to let them know that I need to move my service. They scheduled an appoinment for within 2 days of moving, a technician came out, hooked up the service and even climbed onto the roof to put the dish up.

In both the apartment and our house, I have not had them come out for anything. The service is very reliable and I have only lost signal because of wind about 2-3 times. When I call customer service, they are very helpful and willing to assist in anyway possible. The only thing that I have been unhappy about is my DVR system. More than once I have set up the system to record a show and either it hasn recorded or only records about half or a third of the program. I have tried to reset and talk to customer service as well as get a new box, but I still have the same problems. These wer also the same problems with the local cable company, so I thinks its the DVR system.

If you don't mind possible problems with your DVR, then I would reccomend Direct TV to anyone. I feel that purchasing the dish and paying to have cable through them saves money and time on the phone with your local cable company.