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Direc Tv For Clear Climates Only!

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It all began with a visit from my mother-in-law. Shocked that we had lived in our new home for 3 months and had no cable or satellite service and disgusted at the poor quality of the reception crackling through the 15 year old television, she decided that her housewarming gift to us would be entertainment beyond our wildest dreams! A new television set and 6 months of satellite television service "on her".

Almost 4 year later, she is still paying for the service as she knows that, should she let us take over the premium of $56/month, we would dump it like a bag of rotten tomatoes!

First Impressions

Having been a cable kind of gal since first entering the civilized world of television viewing, I was impressed at the larger channel options made available - almost twice as many as cable and for the same monthly fee. The dish was not as garish and obtrusive as I first imagined (the gentleman in our neighborhood with the dish the size of a garden pond needs to be notified of these advancements!) and is barely noticable on the back of our home. So far so good...

Allow me to backtrack slightly to the day of installation.

A rather gruff gentleman was rather off put by the placement of our cable outlets and decided that it would be more accommdating (for him) if he opened another outlet through our exterior wall to better situate the cables for the dish. Promptly, holes were being drilled through the brick exterior of my home - in the livingroom AND my bedroom. "I hope this doesn't create an unwanted breeze" I thought to myself. It didn't! Within about 40 minutes the dish was in position and we were ready for the programming part of his visit. Oh boy! Either this man was new or he was just downright clueless! This ordeal that should have taken "5 minutes and I'll be out of your hair" took over one hour! Eventually, after numerous calls to his supervisor and a miriad of questions that he thought I could answer, we were up and running...

It Was Spring...

The reception was fantastic and the selection of channels was incredible, except that the channels I wanted - the ones where I could watch my Scottish football team in action - were only avalable if I purchased them seperately, which would have almost doubled the monthly cost. However, I was delighted to find all my other favorite stations available plus a few more including a couple that were dedicated to DTV that aired some really enjoyable shows not found anywhere else! I thought to myself: "This may be good..."

It Was Summer...

Colorado summers tend to be very hot with frequent thunderstorms, many severe, most heavy. What does this have to do with DirecTV? It has EVERYTHING to do with DirecTV.

While watching the local news and hiding indoors from a rather severe thunderstorm, I was met with a sudden contortion of my television picture. It was freezing, it was turning into little digitized boxes and, had it been a person, I would have sworn it was experiencing a stroke!

This was a regular occurance the entire length of the summer - picture, no picture, picture, no picture...... AAARRRGGGH!

I read in a previous review on this service that this is a regular annoyance and that it only happens during stormy weather - which is when you need your television for important information on impeding storms - especially here with tornado warnings etc., - and I agree, I have been left in the dark when we were under a tornado warning! Quite dangerous and unreliable!

Then It Was Winter....

I can sum this one up in a few words.... blizzard, no TV, garden hose and soaking wet!

No, DirecTV doesn't like the snow either, in fact it doesn't like any form of cloudiness whatsoever. The above word list refers to one of many times when it was snowing - hard - and I lost satellite signal AGAIN! Having waited for over 2 hours with no picture, I decided to take matters into my own hands and proceeded to try to brush the snow from the dish - I couldn't reach it and the golf ball sized snow was saturating me from head to toe. Cold, mad and in fear of missing my favorite show, I did what any stubborn Scotswoman would do, I reached for the garden hose! Putting the noblest firefighter to shame, I blasted that dish while the frigid water ran down my arms and soaked every inch of my inner sleeve.

I may have contracted hypothermia, but I could watch my show!


If you don't mind sporadic blackouts and have a good radio, then this is for you !

Comcast - all is forgiven!