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Directv Satellite Tv Review

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By vertigoflow on
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I have been a DirecTV customer for roughly 4 years. I switched to them because they were my only option in getting out from my local cable provider who was horrible.

DirecTV has excellent programming packages available. If your kids like cartoons you can have a dozen cartoon channels to watch. Their programming often has half a dozen channels all grouped around a common theme like this.

Also included is almost 100 digital radio stations that broadcast commercial free music, so you will soon find yourself replacing your radio with DirecTV also.

One downfall is the service is sometimes effected by the weather. They say you need a clear view of the southern sky and one should make absolutely sure they do before considering DirecTV. My first apartment was fine, all open sky to the south and the only time I had trouble was when a blizzard filled my satellite dish with show. My parents got DirecTV on my recommendation and have many leafy trees to the south of them. Every time it rains they lose their picture.

Also, dealing with their service people can be frustrating. Be prepaired to wait all day long, and have to call them several times before they feel like showing up to deal with your problem. Thankfully, I've only had to have them out twice the whole four years I've been with them, so that says alot.