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Direc Tv, The Ups And Downs.

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Jamall Richards By Jamall Richards on
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DirecTV is a satellite TV company serving the United States. It requires a smaller satellite mounted on your roof and connected to the system in your house and a much bigger satellite out in space. Of course when you buy DirecTV you will get both the satellite and the boxes with the remotes, and all would be hooked up by their professional technicians. We bought DirecTV with our Verizon Quad Play package. The TV part of the package is roughly 70 dollars a decent pricing. The master bedroom has a slightly bigger box which includes a built-in DVR and full 1080p High Definition channels. All the other boxes are slightly smaller which have less buttons and takes up less space on a media unit. DirecTV shows its channels in a clear video quality and looks even more outstanding in High Def. All of the rooms have a Flat screen in it so the HD of the flat screen and the Box combined makes a great quality. People have said that when it rains you have no TV. This is not true, it have rained many times and the signal has not gone bad, however in heavy winds and thunderstorms with very heavy downpours the image on the screens may scramble up and sometimes the satellite looses signal, but usually in 5 minutes the satellite regains back service. There was only once where the TV was out for the entire day and that was in a bad blizzard where it was raining hail, ice and heavy snow and there were heavy winds. Throughout the winter we had a lot of snow precipitation including waist-high snow for a week which covered the roof with a good 3 inch coat of snow and covered the patio with 5 inches. The satellite was almost completely covered in snow but still worked. The pricing might be a little stingy, as it is possible to get cheaper but overall DirecTV is a good product and I recommend it to those who aren't so happy with cable.

DirecTV FTW!!!!